Caleb Dillon
Screenwriter – Director

Self-diagnosed with whatever the opposite of writer’s block is (writer’s faucet?).

I am the guru of Genre-Mashup. Give me monster trucks on Mars, a heist in a space casino, and Amish vs. Aliens. No concept is too ridiculous for me.


June 2024

June was crazy busy.

Good Behavior, a short thriller, is now a Quarter Finalist with the Shoot Your Short Creative Screenwriting Contest. It’s also #10 on the Coverfly Red List in Thriller Shorts. I’m hoping to produce this short myself and am meeting with a local producer in early July to discuss.

Husky is now on the Coverfly Redlist, #19 in Family. That script is currently being rewritten for future competition and will ideally climb the list with future passes.

I also recently started a blog, Modern Screenwriting, on Substack. I wanted a place to share my thoughts and chart my journey.

Sadly, no internships this summer, but that’s okay. I’m still reading for the AFF, and will be attending the festival in the fall.

Lots of writing, through: co-writing a biopic about George Lucas with a peer from UNCSA, and co-writing a Christmas comedy with another friend from my UCLA cohort.

And I squeeze in this Dead by Daylight Writing Sample, just for fun.

So yeah, June was crazy!

May 2024

Good news! My pilot Deplorable, a modern take on Cyrano, has advanced to the Semifinalist round of the Table Read My Screenplay 2024 contest. Thanks to Janet Allard at UNCSA for mentoring me through development.

And the first year of grad school wrapped up a few days ago, whew! Got a lot planned for summer, more portfolio work, a lot of cold queries, and planning for a TA role in the fall at UNCSA.

April 2024

Good news! My pilot Deplorable, a modern take on Cyrano, is a Quarterfinalist with the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, 2024 AND the Table Read My Screenplay 2024 contest. Thanks to Janet Allard at UNCSA for mentoring me through development.

My feature, Husky, about an esports athlete, is also a Quarterfinalist with the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, 2024. Thanks to Tim Albaugh at Pro-Path Screenwriting for mentoring me through development and thanks to UNCSA for providing a Career Development Grant to pursue this mentorship.

I am currently interviewing for several internships; fingers crossed.

In The Pines is entering the final stage of post-production and by Fall, we should start our Festival run. Whew… April was busy!

February 2024

Whew, what a month…

A short I wrote last semester, Good Behavior, is now a Quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Short Film Screenplay Competition. Huzzah!

And for the moment it’s on the Coverfly Red List! Double Huzzah!

Just wrapped up an internship with DeadTalkNews and I’m on the hunt for a summer internship. I also started reading for the Austin Film Festival this month.

More good news, a feature film I directed, In The Pines, is entering post-production. It’s a longer story but more news on that soon!

January 2024

Just started a new semester at UNCSA, still pursuing my Masters. New semester, new pilot, new short, new possibilities!

A short I wrote last semester, Good Behavior, is now a quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Film Fund. Huzzah!

I also will be a reader for Austin Film Festival this year! Looking forward to getting started.

December 2023

First semester as a MFA student at UNCSA done, whew!

A sci-fi short I wrote, The Concierge, is on The Red List.

The Concierge is a Quarterfinalist in the Outstanding Screenplays Shorts Competition 2023.

Happy New Year!

November 2023

Am now interning at Dead Talk News, a media outlet for entertainment news. Trying something new. Check out my articles!

September 2023

Began my MFA program at UNCSA, working towards a Master of Screenwriting. My hope post-graduation is to teach, and share with others what I have learned, while continuing to pursue my personal screenwriting goals.