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  • Deplorable

    (half hour sitcom, cringe comedy)

    When a controlling public relations adviser is hired to rehabilitate the public-facing image of the egotistical head of a Fortune 500 company, she finds the limits of her patience tested. It’s Cyrano meets VEEP.

  • Majestic 12

    (half-hour, comedy, sitcom)

    Follows the ineffective investigations of a top-secret government agency tasked with investigating paranormal phenomena and protecting the United States from alien threats.

  • Has Been

    (half-hour comedy)

    When once famous pop star Jordan Hammer finds himself forty and broke, he moves back to his small hometown where he must recross the bridges he burned on his way to fame.

  • Nimrods

    (half-hour comedy, historical, supernatural, gory)

    Struggling to live up to his father’s lofty expectations, the son of a notorious vampire hunter travels to colonial America in order to make a name for himself.

  • Warts & All

    (half-hour, animated, comedy, fantasy, kids)

    A young witch moves to the big city intent on opening a bakery, but when local kids break-in, her reputation and the future of her business begins to crumble.


  • Washed-Up

    (Reality TV Horror, Satire)

    When a survival-style reality show turns deadly, a group of faded stars and C-Listers must overcome their personal demons and each other to survive a celebrity-worshiping cult.

  • The Innkeeper

    (family, animated, fantasy, comedy)

    A retired adventurer turned innkeeper must take up the quest again when his daughter runs off with a band of would-be heroes.

  • Bill, God of War

    (family, fantasy, superhero, comedy)

    Bill was never cut out to be the God of War. He has enough to deal with raising a teenage daughter.

    But with the end of the world on the horizon and a vengeful ex-god with a knack for killing on his trail, Bill might just have to do the unimaginable . . . his job.

  • The Girl Who Cried Aliens

    (animated, family, comedy, sci-fi)

    A chronic fibber is the only one to realize her town is being taken over by aliens.


  • What We Do in the Shadows

    Nandor joins a dating app. Colin learns he has a son. Nadja and Lazslo seek marriage counseling. Jenna comes out to her parents as a vampire.

  • Bob’s Burgers

    Bob finds new competition with a Veggie Hot Dog Stand. Teddy has to give up burgers for a week. Louise tries to get her bedtime extended. Linda loses Gayle’s cat, Pinkeye.

  • Men of a Certain Age

    Owen helps Terry at the dealership. Terry confronts erectile dysfunction. Joe faces his gambling addiction.

Stunt Scripts

  • Running with the Demon

    An adaptation of the novel by Terry Brooks

  • Star Wars – Dark Jedi

    (drama, pilot)

    Set a decade after Order 66, an exiled Jedi padawan, haunted by his past, is recruited by an aspirant crime lord to recover a long lost Sith artifact.

Coming Soon


  • Good Behavior

    (thriller, horror)

    After fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run, a single mother out on parole struggles with whether to turn herself in or cover up the crime.

    Pitch Deck

  • The Concierge

    In the near future, a service robot yearning for beauty plots its escape from a menial role.

  • I’ve Created a Monster